Friday, January 11, 2008

I am Not a Water Dog

Well, I had my first physical therapy session yesterday. It was okay at first because the vet tech lady sat on the floor with me and gave me lots of treats. That was cool! But then, the unthinkable happened. She picked me up and together we got into this big metal box! And then water started to come in!!! It wasn't very deep, but still, water is water. And I hate water!

Here is a picture of the big metal water box:
It is made for very big doggies--not for chihuahuas! Mommy and I thought maybe they would have a mini table-top version for wee little dogs. But, alas, no. I guess this is what the ideal patient would look like:
The water is almost up to his neck to give him some buoyancy and he is just happily walking along with a toy in his mouth. Give me a break! As soon as she lowered me into the water I spread my legs out wide and stretched my toes out into the classic "flying chihuahua" posture to try to slow my descent into the drink. It didn't work. Luckily, the water only came up about this high on me:

It think that's because it was my first time. The problem is, with the water only that high, it doesn't give me any buoyancy--only resistance for my legs. And with my legs as weak as they are right now, I don't need resistance, I need flotation! Mommy thought the water should have been higher. Maybe next time.

If you think a metal box filled with water is bad, wait until you hear what happened next: the floor started to move!!!!! The vet tech lady was sitting behind me on a little bench and she kept trying to push me forward and make my back legs move. The problem was that I didn't want to move my front legs either! Mommy had to hook me up to a leash and pull me from the front. But what that really involved was her standing on a stool and throwing herself over the side of the infernal machine in order to be able to pull me towards the front. If she just stood on the outside and pulled the leash, it was just pulling me straight up into the air! See--I told you this machine was not made for small dogs!

I have to go back again every Tuesday and Thursday for the next five weeks. Valentine's Day is my last session. Let's hope I learn to walk by then!

Bye for now!

Pee Ess: Sorry I didn't take any pictures. Mommy was too busy feeding me treats and trying to convince me that it wasn't the worst thing in the world. Plus, it would have been weird to take a picture of a stranger in her bathing suit! :)


2shibas said...

Oh, man. That sounds terrifying - especially for a wee little popper like yourself! Hopefully it will get easier soon!

Keep working hard!

Wiley & Fievel

FleasGang said...

Just think how big and buff you'll be by Valentine's day. No doggie will want to mess with you when you show them you're massive "guns". Keep your head up, literally :-)

The FleasGang

P.S. you should ask your mom for an ipod to pass the time away while working out at the gym!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Poppy!
Sure it was not easy for you this first time with that machine.
I hope the next time will be better and you get used to it!
Maybe is not fun but sure you need it!
Have a good night

Team Tabby said...

Poppy, that experience is NOT the same as an afternoon in the water at the beach. Hope it gets better, and you learn to walk again soon.

Mindy & Moe

Daisy said...

Oh dear! Poppy, that does not sound like a lot of fun. I'll bet it will get easier and more fun once you get used to it. And if it helps you walk and run and play again, it will all be worth it!

Mack said...

Oh poor Poppy.
That sounds too much like the horrors of a bath. But if it will make those little chihooahooa legs stronger, it's worth it LBC!
Love & Sugars,

Snowball said...

I just had another session of hydrotherapy today but I did not go to places with those metal box.

Swimming will do you good but if you can go for acupuncture too, I bet you will recover even faster.


Ruby Bleu said...

you can do it you can do it you can do it! go go go go go POPPY!!! Yay! I know it's tough...but you will be one strong tuff girl when you are done!!!

Here's to Valentine's Day!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Poppy Q said...

I is glad us cats don't have to do that.

I hopes your recovery goes well though Poppy dog and that you feel better real soon.

Poppy Q the cat

ChaChi Lu said...

That is so cool! How lucky are you to have such an amazing mommy who is able to take you for physical therapy? I think things are looking UP!


Randi said...

Oh Poppy! That machine was made for me! NOT YOU! You are too tiny of a munchkin! I hope they gave you a discounted rate! You only used about 1/8 of the entire machine!

Keep your head & legs'll be walking by Valentines problem!

Love & Licks,

Shmoo said...

Because you are going through what my Spineless Bionic Hip Sammy went through, I am awarding you the "Make My Day" award. Please come to my blog and steal the award picture for your own site.

BTW: Sammy recovered fully and is a moron, but he hated the swimming part.


JustMeCopper said...

Hi, my name is Copper and I am sorry you are hurting. I read Meeshka's blog and found out about you from her. I wish you a speedy and safe recovery.

Junior said...

I bet that was scary Poppy! But keep at it cause we want you to walk again!

Deefor said...

I thought water torture was illegal for dogs. I like water but only on my terms. Feel better.