Thursday, February 21, 2008

Look What I Learned!

Back in October I showed you a picture of my smart sissy Clover sitting in front of our wall heater. She looooves it. She will sit in front of it for hours, just waiting for it to come on.

All winter I have been very afraid of it. I don't even like to walk by it when it's on. After all, it makes very scary growling noises. But guess what! I figured out that if you sit in front of it, you get very very warm, bordering on HOT!

Look! I learned to be brave and walk over to it all by myself! Now I like to sit in front of it until my furs are nice and hot.

The other day Mommy set up my bed on the hallway side of the heater, and Clover sat on the living room side. (Our heater goes through the wall.) It was awesome! Maybe someday we’ll learn to sit in front of it right next to each other.

Bye for now!
Poppy the Little Blonde Chihuahua

Pee Ess: I convinced Mommy to order me a new fuzzy sweater. It should arrive any day now, and when it does, I'll model it for you.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Poppy!
Good job! Day by day you are getting better!
I will be waiting to see you wearing your new sweater!
Kisses and hugs

Daisy said...

I'll bet it feels good to have the warm air blowing through your furs!

Petra said...

Oh, I can see why you would love that heater. See what happens when you're brave and try something new?

Keep at it, Poppy!

Mack said...

Are you walking all on your own Poppy!?

OMD that's fabulous!

But that heater -- sounds kinda hot for Texas weather...

Jemma said...

Poppy, I sit in front of the heater a lot of hours each day, too.. Mom's going to ban it from me because it's drying out my skin and I keep itching! Enjoy the warmth.. I won't be much longer!


Murphey said...

Poppy, your hair is growing back so nicely! and I love the warm warm air from a heater.


Sparky said...

I'm jealous because we don't have a heater like that...ours is in the ceiling - and it never, ever comes on because my pop likes to keep it cold, cold, cold in the house.

You look fantasic, BTW!

Lacy said...

woofies Poppy, dat nice u and dat cat can share dat just goes and gits in me mama and daddys bed when me cold...u iz getting better everday and cant wait to c u in u new sweater...

b safe,

2shibas said...

Oh, Poppy - did you get your new sweater yet? We can't wait to see pics!

Wiley & Fievel