Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Two Year Blog-iversary

Two years ago today on August 5, 2006, I started my blog. I started out on yahoo360, and nobody ever read about my thrilling adventures. But then I had Mommy copy all my old posts to Blogger and I joined DWB and we haven't looked back since. Wee!

Here is a picture of me from exactly two years ago...this picture was taken on August 5, 2006. Don't I look nice and comfy on my big yellow bed?

Thanks for reading about my adventures over the last two years. I love reading about all of my DWB friends' adventures too!

Bye for now!
Poppy the Little Blonde Chihuahua


Pedro said...


Happy blogaversary! That looks like such a comfortable bed! Keep on writing Pop, my mom and I love to read your blog :)


Daisy said...

Happy blogoversary, Poppy!

Junior said...

Happy belated Blogiversary!!!!!!!

Shmoo said...

Happy Blogaversary!

Please have your human contact my human woman, as you have been inducted into the HULA Hoop. My human woman will send you your certificate.



The Aphasia Decoder.... said...

Congratulations on your blogaversary!

Levi's mom

Lorenza said...

Hi, Poppy!
Happy Two Year Blog-iversary! and many more to come!
I am so happy to be your friend!
Kisses and hugs

Tadpole said...

Yay! I'm so glad I found you! :-) Happy blogiversary!

Do you still have your yellow bed?!

Sitka, Tia, & Cornelia Marie said...

Wooo! Happy Blogaversary! My Sibe friend Meeshka sent me your way! I also wanted to welcome you to the HULA HOOP!!!!

Rambo said...

Happy Blogoversary Poppy! Keep up the good work cause we love reading your blogs.
That bed looks awfully comfy. I wouldn't leave it all day.

Anonymous said...

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