Wednesday, September 3, 2008

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Over Labor Day weekend I got to go to Humboldt Redwoods State Park (that's the first H of this post). It was sooooo beautiful. There were so many giant redwood trees to sniff and pee next to. We had to be Rule Breakers again, because dogs are not allowed anywhere in the park, except the campground. And that's all I'm going to say about that. Ahem.

We went to several different "groves," which are just different areas of the forest that have been named after people and groups. Each one seemed to be more beautiful than the last. I posed in front of one of the big trees so that you can make a comparison between a nine pound dog and a gazillion pound tree:

We walked around the forest following whatever little path caught our fancy. It was very dark in there, and a little bit chilly, so I wore my green sweater and stuck close to Daddy so he wouldn't get lost. Can you see us in this picture? We are very small:

We did an awful lot of driving this weekend, because Humboldt is so far away. After a while, each time we stopped I would try to climb onto the cooler because I was tired of sitting in my carseat. Safety-shmafety:
But of course it was all worth it just to see those gigantimous redwood trees.

When we got home from our trip I finally forced Mommy to check our email, and we saw that my HULA certificate (that's the second H) from Meeshka had arrived! Here it is in all its glory:
Of course, one just doesn't become a part of HULA simply because one is cute (although I am). There are certain qualifications that you must meet. Here they are, as written by Meeshka herself:

HULA Qualifications
1. Demonstrating Disruptive Behavior
2. Cause Humans to freak out for no real reason
3. Destroy Something
4. Human behavior modification
5. Humans dress you up
6. Love of Kleenex

I meet all of thise qualifications easily.
Number one: Every time my Mommy and Daddy hug or kiss or even THINK about hugging or kissing, I must squeeze between them and be a part of the action. That's disruptive, right?
Number two: If I sneeze or cough of throw up a tiny little bit, my parents spend the next hour closely watching my behavior to see if I am going to explode or something.
Number three: This one is a little trickier. I am not super destructive. Although I did recently shred Daddy's brand new nursing license. Luckily it was just a scanned copy. Although Mommy's heart did stop for a minute. Ha ha!
Number four: Well, this is simply my forte. My humans eat on the floor so the table will be at chihuahua height. They only eat at restaurants with outdoor seating so that I can accompany them. They carry me around whenever I want them to. The list goes on.
Number five: You've all seen the pictures. If the weather is the slightest bit chilly, I will most certainly be wearing a sweater. And I dress up for almost every holiday and special occasion.
Number six: Duh. Especially if they have a chewy center.

Thanks, Meeshka, for making me a part of your special group!!! :)

Bye for now,
Poppy the Little Blonde Chihuahua (and official HULA member!)


Lorenza said...

Hi, Poppy!
Those trees are huge!
Congratulations on being a Hula Member!
Good job!
Kisses and hugs

Daisy said...

Oh Poppy, you look so tiny next to those giant trees! You sure do get to go to some very fun places!

Deefor said...

Hi Poppy
I can't tell if you're really small or the trees are really big. Maybe both. You look very cute. Congratulations on being a HULA!


Petra said...

My goodness, you are very tiny and the trees are very big! I love those pictures, Poppy! Congrats, Hula girl!

Mack said...

Congrats on your new HULA status!

You get to go on so many exciting places with your folks!

Team Tabby said...

Congratulations, Poppy, on receiving your HULA award. We are so pleased to see you are doing so well these days. You get to go to interesting places - those trees are massive!

take care,
Mindy & Moe

Jemma said...

Poppy, those trees look G I A N T next to you!

Rambo said...

Hi Poppy,
that tree is ginormous!! You look like a little peanut next to it.
Hope you had a fun day!