Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Ear"resistible Ears!

Hello furiends!

I promised that I would blog again "later in the week," but that seems to have turned into "later in the next week." Oops. Oh well! Here we go!

I am really excited because I am officially entering Lexus & Bentley's "Ear"resistible Ears Contest! I love my ears for two reasons. First, they are very functional because they help me concentrate like I am doing here with this treat:

Second, they help me get what I want by looking cuuuuuute!
I hope you like my photo entry and I can't wait to see all the entries and admire everybody else's ears!

In other news, Dinah & Bridget gave me an award called "Oops, I Ate It!" Now, I'm not sure if this award should start with "oops," because I usually always mean to eat the things I eat. For example, one day when I was a puppy, Mommy found me in the living room chewing on what looked like a green tassel. She thought and though about where I might have gotten such a thing, but she was pretty sure that we didn't have any tassels, green or otherwise, in our house. It turned out that she was right, because when she got closer, she saw that what I was actually eating was the stringy, fibrous end of an asparagus!!! It must have fallen on the floor while Daddy was chopping them for dinner. Oops! Hee hee! It was on that day that Mommy and Daddy realized that I am an asparagus fiend and will go to almost any length to get some.

And the last item on today's agenda is a little story about how I got my name. I may have told this story before, but I really like it, so I'll tell it again. When Mommy and Daddy got me, they already had my sister Clover, the prettiest orange kitty who ever was. Mommy really likes "nature" names (like Clover), and she wanted mine to fit in with the theme. The day before Mommy and Daddy picked me up from the shelter, they went hiking. During their hike, they tried to decide on a nature name for me. They went through the alphabet letter by letter, trying to find the best name. Mommy came up with Daisy, Sandy, Spring, and several others. Daddy came up with Onion. Ha ha. Nothing seemed to feel quite right. Then all of a sudden, Daddy said, "How about Poppy?" Mommy screamed! She wondered how she could have overlooked that name. Poppies are her absolute favorite flowers! So that was that. I became Poppy, and I really like my name because I think it's pretty and also I've never met another dog with the same name. I think maybe it's common in England, but we don't live in England. :) Here is a picture of me on my very first day home a little over four years ago:

Bye for now,
Poppy the Little Blonde Chihuahua


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Tank woo fur sharing all those khool things!

I'm not sure I've had asparagus BUT I love brussels sprouts a LOT!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Poppy!
Ear-resistible! Good luck at the contest!
Thanks for telling us about your name!
Kisses and hugs

Cocorue said...

hi Poppy,
i've said 'hello' a looog time ago and i'd wanted to know you better but you just 'disappeared'

mumster says you are such a cute patootie and i have to agree....she also wants to know who drew all those cuute pics of you on your sidebar???? they are to die for...tq


Dip-Dip and The Bridge said...

That is a really funny story about the asparagus, it's funny how us chi's love our veg. The story of your name is so nice, there are poppies in the fields here at the moment, they appear as Summer is winding down - your mum is right, they are lovely.
Wags and kisses, Dippy and Bridge xx

Bijou said...

Hi Poppy,

Congrats on the award. And thanks for sharing your Oops I Ate It story. We have never had asparagus cause mom doesn't like it.

You just played the Name Game. We love your name, it fits you perfectly!

Wags & wiggles,

Deefor said...

I think your name (and your ears!) fit you perfectly.

Draco and his Mom said...

Hi Poppy, I like saragus too have you tried brocleys??? yummy little trees.
Your ears are fantastic

Coco - The Princess said...

Hi Poppy! I'm glad to see you recovered well from your surgery. sorry i have been missing in action. Can you please tell my mommy where your mommy bought your collar? the custom one with your name and number on it.

Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

Coco The Princess

Ike said...

My mom just loves your ears!

Junior and Orion said...

That is a great contest for you to enter.

Asparagus.....hmmmm.....we aren't to fond of green things....unless it is a furry mousie!

Anonymous said...

Love the photo Poppy!!

Wags Studd

Pedro said...


That is so cool how you got your name! I really like your name and my mom really likes the flowers you were named after. It's funny because I just did a post about how I got my name! My mom says, great minds think alike!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Poppy!

You really are very Ear-resistible!

Hugs, Tessa

Twix said...

Hi Poppy! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I like your ads too....where did you find them? Congrats on the award and it was fun reading about your name and oops! Good luck in the contest!