Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I Barked in the Park

Hi everyone!

On Saturday I went to Bark in the Park. Although the title of my post is misleading...I didn't bark once! I'm a quiet dog, most of the time. But anyway, back to Bark in the Park. There were soooooo many dogs there that it was a little overwhelming, especially for a small Poo like me. So I convinced Mommy to carry me quite a bit. There were lots of dogs there in strollers, which made me think of Daisy. Maybe I will have to bring a stroller next time too. There were also weird dogs who looked like this, who made me think of Bob Marley:

We walked all around the edge of the park and checked out all the people selling things. This is where we got my Howloween costume last year. We didn't buy anything this year, unfortunately. Mommy was very tempted by this couch though:

Mom and Dad said that one was just my size...

but I thought THIS one provided much more room to stretch out:

After we perused all the vendors, we went to the agility ring! Yippie, my favorite!!! It's not real Major League agility--everybody gets to try it! First, I led Mommy around the flags:

Next, I showed her how to jump over the high-bar. Wee, look how I can jump!

And then I went over the tubes! (Mommy was lazy and went around the edge.) There were lots of them all in a row, each one bigger than the last, and I conquered them all! And I did it so fast I’m a blur:

After we finished, we did it again! This time it was my turn to lead Daddy through. Here I am mid-spin:

Then it was back to the jump. This jump has a high degree of difficulty, so I had to go first to show Daddy how to do it. Look at me fly!!! (That little girl was the official bar lifter/lowerer.)

Okay, Daddy, now it’s your turn. C’mon, you can do it!

One of the scariest events in agility is the teeter totter. Yes, it has a childish name, but this is not child’s play. When you only weigh 9 ¼ pounds, you have to walk all the way out to the END of the ramp before it bangs down to the ground! Ooh, it’s scary! But I did it better than last year. Look:

After we did the agility course, Mommy and Daddy were tempted to go back to a booth we had seen earlier where they were selling agility equipment sets for little dogs like me. But we didn’t. Maybe next year!

Bye for now,
Poppy the Agility Champion


Daisy said...

Oh, Poppy! I am so proud of you. You are an agility champion. That looks like loads of fun, too. I wish I could play agility, but I am not very good at following directions.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Poppy
Firt I watched the video and you did well, now I saw you pictures and you did better!
That blue couch looks pretty nice and comfy!
Have a good night

ChaChi Lu said...


Who knew you were so talented????!!!! I think you need that couch, however. Then you can be LAZY like Jet and I...

~ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne and JET

Bernard Hinault Lilje said...

wow--who knew with such small leggies you could jump so well.. that was great!!! I wonder if you can do that professionally?!?!?