Saturday, November 24, 2007

Mommy's Favorite Place

Hi Everybody!

Thanksgiving was fun, but I only got a tiny bit of Tofurkey. No fair. At least I did get to spend the whole day at my Grandma and Grandpa's house. I even got to go for a walk in their neighborhood, which is always a good opportunity to read pee mails from new friends and try to lay claim to another part of the city. I was sooooo tired when we got home.

I hadn't even recuperated from my big Thursday when my parents announced that we were going to Fort Funston on Friday!!! It is my Mommy's favorite place and it is pretty high on my list too. There were, like, a bazillion dogs there with their families. And the weather was perfect! There were cliffs, but they were waaaaay to big for jumping.

There are two kinds of people who go to Fort Funston: families (+/- 4 people with 1 dog) or dog walkers (1 person with +/- 10 dogs). During the week it is filled with dog walkers. On the weekends it is filled with families. Since yesterday was a holiday, it was a mix of both--mostly families, but also some dog walkers with their holiday clients.

Mommy and Daddy brought the good treats with us, so I got to practice being off-leash a little. I did very well, even when a dog walker came by with a very large off-leash herd. I was mostly brave and only a little bit scared.

In this video you can see me following Daddy. That whooping behind us is a dog walker. She said I was cute!

Winter is high season at FF. Yesterday was our first visit of the year. We'll go back lots more this winter, I'm sure.

Bye for now!
Poppy the LBC

Pee Ess: Have you all seen LOL Dogs? It's getting better and better. And Deefor is on it if you go back a few pages!


Team Tabby said...

Hi Poppy, no real turkey, huh? Our beans were away during our Thanksgiving so we didn't get any either, humph! That park you went to looks like a lovely place to run in, it is lovely. We liked your movie, it was great.

Moe & Mindy

Lorenza said...

Hi, Poppy
I always like to see the places you have there to go with your family! This one sounds great! I think is awesome you have the chance to be there off-leash! I am not allowed to do that!
Have a good night

Daisy said...

Poppy, that looks very fun! And you did a very good job following closely.

2shibas said...

Poppy, never underestimate yourself. You totally could have taken on that cliff - you just need to put on your Super Pooper cape and the sky is the limit!

Wiley & Fievel

Petra said...

I can see why you were soooooo tired after your holiday weekend.

I hope I can learn to walk without a leash -- just like you --- when I get a little bigger.

Murphey said...

Off leash, how cool is that. When I go off leash, despite my training, treats and enticement, I just try to run as far and as fast as I can. Then I get freaked out cause I get kinda lost. So no off leash for me....


ChaChi Lu said...

Oh Poppy!

You have the most extravagant walkies. I am so happy that you had such a beautiful Thanksgiving!

~ChaChi LU

Tadpole said...

POPPY DROP! I missed you! You look so spunky and spry and beautiful in your video. But you're giving my girl ideas about "training" me to walk off-leash. I don't want to be "trained" at all.

Randi said...

Hi Poppy! What a fantastic adventure you went on! You are such a travel diva!

Love & Licks,

Tofu Burger said...

Hi Poppy... long time no see! Glad you are doing well and FF looks like a grand place to visit!!


ps... we did not have any tofurkey this year, only the regular stuff. Ironic yeah?

Patches said...

Poppy, it's been a long time since you blogged, so I tagged you to tell us 8 random facts about yourself!!! Check out our blog for details.

Team Tabby said...

Just dropping by to say 'hi'...hope all is well.

Mindy & Moe