Monday, August 6, 2007

Beach Beach Beach!!!

This weekend was a doozy. After my run-in with the bee last week, Mommy has been a little stingy with the park walks. But this weekend made up for it. We went to the beach!!! My favorite!!! It took a long time to get there because we stopped for burritos (I didn’t get any) first in Santa Cruz and then drove up the coast to get to our favorite beach. Here's me scampering about on some rocks:

As soon as my feet touched the sand I ran and ran and ran and I smelled seaweed and I saw birds and I barked at a lady because she was on my beach and I almost got wet and then I did get wet and then I saw another bird and then...well, and then I was tired. I slept in the car all the way home. And then when we got home I slept some more, like this:

On Sunday I slept some more, but I also did yard work! Mommy and Daddy trimmed the trees while I patrolled the yard for cat poop. (Found some. Ate it. Barfed later.) I also dug a small hole near the front door. I’m sure they’ll be happy about that when they find it later.

Bye for now!



Daisy said...

Hi Poppy! You sure are cute. I like your colorful sweater. I have a colorful sweater too! Going to the beach sounds very fun. I do not think I can go there because my stroller would get stuck in the sand.

Nice to meet you!

Tadpole said...

Poopy! I mean Poppy! How exciting does that BEACH look?! I never seen one in my entire life! Can you eat all the sand there? That's what I would try to do - I eat everything!

And why did you have to wear a sweater?! Is it winter where you are?

Tofu Burger said...

Nice Weekend Poppy. Nice work on the hole!! Didja get messy? I love getting dirty but my mama always has freaks when I start rolling outdoors.


Ferndoggle said...

Why are you wearing a sweater at the beach Poppy? Is it cold there?

I've never been to the beach...but it looks like a great spot for running!


Dobby said...

That beach looks fun! Too bad you didn't get any burritos which are "of our people." I like to sleep on my MomDad like you did there in that picture.

ChaChi Lu said...

Oh, a BEACH! What is that? Looks wonderful! I want a BEACH, Mommy, and I want one NOW!

ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne