Saturday, August 11, 2007

Take Me Out to the Ball Game...

Today I did something super-fun: BASEBALL!!! It was my second time going to the San Francisco Giants Dog Days of Summer baseball game. I got to wear my special baseball outfit, which says, “San Francisco 25.” Lots of dogs had my same outfit, but I think I looked the cutest. At least that’s what Mommy and Daddy said.

The game was great, but it was a little hot. Dog games should always be night games, in my opinion. See, here I am trying to find some shade (if you embiggen this one, you can see what it says on my tag--I'm very safety conscious):

There were lots of other dogs there, and one of them tried to sniff my butt. I don’t like that. She was otherwise polite, so I forgave her. And you’ll never believe this, but another dog tried to step on me! Of all the nerve! I think it was an accident though, so I forgave him too. Nobody can say I’m not magnanimous.

Just like last year, I got to have some more veggie-dog. And also just like last year, I looked for the Giants, but I didn’t see them. Only normal-sized people. I think they need to change their name. It’s misleading.

After we got home I was soooooo tired! Normally I sleep during most of the day, so when I can’t take my nap I get very sleepy. So I lounged for a while when we got home, but I woke up in time for pee-burgers for dinner! Yes, you heard me, PEE-BURGERS! Although I suppose it could be pea-burgers. I tried my cutest to get some, but I couldn't. It’s okay though, because I got some asparagus to make up for it! (Have I mentioned how I love produce??)

Oh, oh, I almost forgot! I got on the big screen!!! But my parents forgot to TiVo the game, so I'll never be able to show anyone else. :(

Bye for now,


Daisy said...

What an exciting day you had! Poppy, you look very fabulous in that outfit. You are a natural clothes model! Too bad you did not get to TiVo your big moment in the spotlight.

Bernard Hinault Lilje said...

That sounded like a great day--and even some time to add to your '15 minutes of fame'...YEAH!!!!


wally said...

PEE BURGERS! THat sounds like something my mom would eat. I love spareguts, too! I think it's SO COOL they let dogables go to the baseball games. Our Triple A team around here has dog days but that's not as cool as seeing the Giants.


ps. To add a picture just go to Edit Profile in your dashboard and if you scroll down there's an entry for photograph and you can upload your lovely mug.

Toby said...

Hi Poppy!

Thanks for visiting my blog! Looks like you had tons of fun at the game! And you even made it on the big screen? Wow,that is super exciting. Does that mean you are famous now?? Can I have a pawtograph??

I like you taggy. "If I am alone, then I'm lost". Does it have your info on the backside?

I love azpawrugus too!! Especially when Dad puts in on the grill. Yum Yum!


Randi said...

Hi Poppy! You sure are cute..& dont' worry..I love little mom must love mom just calls me jumbo-sized....I guess you would be petite then! I'm going to link you on my blog..I hope that is OK!
Love & Licks,

Tadpole said...

Oh, I heard they have FOOT LONG hot dogs there!!! They should be hot CATS, though, on the dogs' special day. ;-)

First there are sweaters in the summers out there, now GIANTS?! It's like a different world in Cali!!!

Tofu Burger said...

Hey Poppy... I don't sniff butts and I don't like having my butt sniffed either! We'd get along so great, and you ARE the cutest in the uniform!!


ChaChi Lu said...

YOU are so lucky, Poppy! I want a Veggie Dog! I love the jersey too! I will skip the Peaburger....did they have cocktails at the game?

ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne

Lorenza said...

Hi, Poppy.
Its awesome that you had the chance to go to that baseball game!
I hope you had enjoyed it!
I like what you tag says!
Have a good night

Dobby said...

Dear Poppy,
I missed you while I was on vacation. It looks like you had fun at the game looking for Giants. And eating those hot dogs and burgers looks pretty fun too!!!

2shibas said...

Poopy - where did you get that great tag? Our mom is so paranoid about us ever getting lost. She says it's her biggest fear and that you can never be too safe. She'd really like to get us those tags, too. Can you ask your mom to email her? Thanks, Poppy!

Wiley & Fievel

2shibas said...

Whoops!!! Hahaha - we really didn't mean to call you Poopy!!!! hahahahah