Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Double Tagsies

I got tagged two times! Once by Dobby for the Scattergories game, and once by Tadpole for the middle name game. I’ll start with Scattergories:

(The Rules: Your answers have to begin with the same letter that begins your first name.)

What is your name? Poppy
4 letter word: Park!
Vehicle: Prius
TV Show: Pet Palaces (this is a show my Mommy saw once about people who renovate their houses to make them super pet-friendly)
City: Palo Alto (that’s where my grandparents live)
Boy Name: Pablo
Girl Name: Penelope
Alcoholic Drink: pina colada
Occupation: Paper shredder (this is my job and it is a very important job)

Something you wear: Party Coat! (I got this party coat last Christmas)

Celebrity: Pablo Picasso (does he count?)
Food: peanut butter (this is me eating some peanut butter while drying off after a bath back when I was on "crate rest" for my broken pelvis)

Something found in a bathroom: paper tube recycling bucket (I like to self-serve from this bucket)
Reason for being late: Poop (ate it, then threw up)
Cartoon Character: Popeye
Something You Shout: Poppy, come! (usually I don’t)

Hhm, I will tag...ChaChiLu and Jet!

And now for the Middle Name Game. This one is harder, because I don’t actually have a middle name! My last name is so long and hyphenated that my parents figured I didn’t need a middle name too. Oh, whatever shall I do? Maybe I will use one of my nicknames instead.

(The Rules: think of attributes that start with each letter of your middle name.)

P - poop in the box (when this happens I get a big treat and a celebration)
O - overjoyed (when my parents come home)
O - observant (I can spot a treat from a mile away)
P - playful
E - endearing
R - ready for action
S - speedy (I am always the fastest one at the little dog park)

For this game I will tag Deefor!

Bye for now!
Poppy the Little Blonde Chihuahua

pee-ess: stay tuned for a lesson in How to Ride a Bicycle...coming soon!


ChaChi Lu said...

Dearest Poppy,

I want to thank you for tagging me. I have never played such a delightful game before. Oh, so exciting. Thank you for your playfulness..you can also check my blog for the latest taggsies update!

~ ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne

(The Rules: Your answers have to begin with the same letter that begins your first name.)

What is your name? ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne
4 letter word: Chic
Vehicle: Chariot
TV Show: Charmed
City: Charlotte, NC
Boy Name: Charles
Girl Name: ChaChi....DUH! (and don't you tell me that's a boy's name!!)
Alcoholic Drink: Champagne....AGAIN,DUH!
Occupation: Chewer

Something you wear: Chanel
Celebrity: ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne....MOI

Something found in a bathroom: Chocolate...I think????
Reason for being late: Changing outfits, again!
Cartoon Character: Chip (n' Dale)
Something You Shout: Chauncey, would you be a dear and drive me to the club?

Ruby Bleu said...

Those are really great answers Poppy. I love tag games...they are so much fun!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Daisy said...

Poppy, guess what? I have an uncle who lives in Palo Alto!!!

ps: Your party coat is very beautiful.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Poppy
Thanks for playing those games! You gave great answers!
What's that reason for being late??
I hope you had fun answering!!
Have a good night