Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sometimes It Pays to Have a Small Head

Today Mommy made a smoothie for snack. And she knows how much I LOVE smoothies, so when she was done with it, she let me lick the cup! Yum, yum, licky, lick, lick, yum!!! I am soooo lucky!

Mommy thought it was pretty funny that my whole head fit inside the cup. Makes it very convenient for reaching the bottom, I say!

Bye for now,
Poppy the LBC

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm Famous!!!

Hi Friends! Today was an up, down, up day.

Up: It started out great, because I was able to sleep in really late like I always do.

Down: But then this afternoon it was yucky because I had to go to the V-E-T to get my nails clipped. Aaaarrrggh!!! I loathe having my nails clipped. They did a pretty good job though, and now I can walk around more easily without slipping.

Up: While I was trying to be brave with the vet tech, Mommy was in the waiting room looking through the latest copy of Silicon Valley Tails Magazine. She picks up a copy every time we go to the vet. She flipped right to the photo contest results, thinking that she would like to see some pictures of cute dogs and cats (even though she entered me and Clover and never heard back--hmph). Well, lo and behold, there I was! Right in the centerfold of the magazine! I have officially been crowned "The Cutest Sleeping Dog in Silicon Valley!"

Here I am posing with my picture in the magazine:

This is a closeup of the page of winners. If you look closely, you can see my Little Blonde Foot in the corner of the picture:

Here I am signing my pawtograph underneath my picture:

If you want to see all the pictures even more clearly, you can go to the website for SV Tails.

Yay! This made Mommy's and my day!

Bye for now,
Poppy the Officially Published LBC