Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy HOWLoween!!!

Happy Howloween Everybuddy!

Let me tell you I sure have been busy this week!  My Mommy was so excited about Howloween that she wanted me to do two different photo shoots--one with my costume and one in a special scene that she set up.

Did you guess what my costume is?  I'm a strawberry!!!

Mommy set up all these pumpkins in the backyard for me to pose in front of.  We growed almost all of them ourselves!  Except the big one in the back with the fancy stem and the two little dark orange ones one either end.

In this picture I am practicing my prairie dog pose behind the pumpkins.  This was a little bit hard.  After a few seconds, my legs started to get wibbly.  I am not very strong.  But I tried my best!

For my costume, Mommy took my red sweater and stuck some watermelon seeds onto it.  And then I wore the green collar from my very first Howloween costume (I was a pumpkin then).

The next day, Mommy and Daddy cut open the giant pumpkin and scooped out the middle so I could sit inside of it!  Mommy got this great idea from Bailey.  (She is super cute!)

Don't worry--I did not have to sit inside a yucky wet pumpkin and get my furs all pumpkiney.  Mommy put a bag inside for me to sit in.

I was happy to sit in there as long as they kept giving me treats...YUM!

After the photo shoot, I wanted to check out this huge pumpkin.  Did you know that I really, really, REALLY love pumpkin?!

I tried to get some of the insides, but I couldn't quite manage...

But with a little fancy tongue work, I got some off the lid!!!

When we were all finished, Mommy carved a face into the pumpkin and she finally gave me a piece!  It was so delicious!!!

I hope you have a very nice Happy Howloween!!!

Bye for now,
Poppy the Little Blonde Strawberry (haha!)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Me and My Best Friend

Hi Furiends!

I had a playdate on Friday with my best friend Maggie.  It was part playdate and part celebration of her One Year Found Day!  Her Mommy and Daddy found and rescued her from a busy street one year ago.  What a happy day that was for Maggie, and for her parents, too.

She came over to my house and we played in the backyard.  We did some ambling and some chasing.  It was a great day because it was the first time we played chase where Maggie wasn't running because she was a tiny bit scared of being chased by me--she was running for the pure fun of it!  We were really playing well together!  After we played chase, Maggie found a slug to roll in!

When we were bored with the backyard, we went on a walk to the park.  It was a nice warm sunshiny "Indian Summer" day.  Look at us walking together like buddies!

At the park we did a little more ambling.  Maggie rode on a swing with her Mommy!  I tried it too, but it wasn't really my thing.  In this picture you can see that we are "crossing the streams" like in Ghostbusters!

I hope you had a very nice weekend too!  I've got to go now because it's almost time for my Howloween photo shoot.  Did you guess what I'm going to be?  I'll give you another clue: I'm going as a type of fruit!  Bye for now!

Poppy the LBC

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dig Dig Dig

Hi Furiends!

Bed digging is serious business!  I do this every night.

Bye for now,
Poppy the LBC

Monday, October 15, 2012

A Pumpkin-ey Camping Trip

Hi Everybuddy!

My parents took me on a super fun camping trip this weekend for my Mommy's birthday!  We went to a campground that is on a bluff right over the ocean with a dog-friendly beach!

We love to see signs like this because it means that our whole family is welcome here.

On our first day there we walked down to the beach and took a stroll around.  I like the beach and the sand very much.  In this picture I am contemplating the bigness of the ocean.

The next morning I was feeling very happy and well-rested after a good nights sleep in my Mommy's sleeping bag.  I like to sleep all cuddled up with her because her sleeping bag is big enough for both of us.  Sometimes I switch over to Daddy's bag, but his is smaller, so it's less roomy.  Mommy actually bought her sleeping bag extra huge specifically for me.  She felt a little silly when she bought it when the salesperson asked her why she was getting such a huge bag and she said "because I share it with an eight-pound dog."  That doesn't sound very big, but I assure you, I can take up a lot of space.

The weather was very nice and sunshiny.  I love the sunshine, especially when I can sit on my Daddy's lap and soak it up.

Later that day we went to our favorite dog-friendly pumpkin patch.  I love pumpkins!  I did some very good posings with them, don't you think?

I even went on a wagon ride!  The pumpkin that my parents picked is even bigger than me.

It was hard to look in the right place because there were so many people and dogs and children all around.

There were some pretty sunflowers at the farm, too.  We parked our pumpkin wagon in front of them to take some pictures.

I hope you had as nice a weekend as I did!

Bye for now,
Poppy the LBC

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Basket Ride!

Hi Furiends!

I went on a basket ride today with my good friend Maggie. The weather was a tiny bit cool, so we brought our fuzzy blankets with us just in case. We each rode in our own basket. I like to ride in front, and Maggie was very gracious to let me and my Mommy take the lead for most of the ride. If someone tries to pass me, I get a little loud and yarpy!

Bye for now,
Poppy the LBC

Saturday, October 6, 2012

I Am Getting Ready for Howloween!

Hi Everybuddy!

Can you believe it's October already?!  It's almost time to get dressed up for Howloween.  I like Howloween because I get to wear a special outfit.  Usually we go out to dinner and then go visit my friends and grandparents to show off my costume.

Let's take a walk down memory lane!

2005 was my first Howloween.  I was a pumpkin.
This costume was a little difficult to wear, but oh it was delicious!
I couldn't help it; I was just a baby puppy back then!

In 2006 I was a Bee-Dog.  This was a fun costume and a fun photoshoot.
Back then there was a really fun website all about dogs in bee costumes.
Mommy was hoping my picture could go on that website, but shortly after she sent it in,
the website stopped putting up new pictures.

In 2007 I was Sooper Pooper!  Mommy made this costume for me by hand.  Thanks, Mommy!
It's hard to see in this picture, but my yellow belt has little stars on it!

In 2008 I was a lizard...or maybe a dinosaur.
I got this costume from some friends who thought I would look cute in it.
I think it looks like the lizard-saurus is hugging me!

In 2009 I was an enchihuahua...get it?!
Mommy made this costume for me and she is very proud of it.
I love this costume.  On the front there is an ingredients label that says,
"100% Delicious Enchihuahua.  Made with all natural ingredients:
tortilla, beans, lettuce, red sauce, and love."

In 2010 I was a One Eyed One Horned Flyin' Purple People Eater.
Do you know the song?  My Mommy and my Grandma used to sing it a lot when my Mommy was little.
Mommy made the wings for me to wear over my purple sweater.
I was not feeling good that year because my back was hurting a little.
When I felt better, Mommy let me wear my costume.

In 2011 I reprised the Bee-Dog outfit.

I have my costume all picked out for this year.  I will give you a clue.  It is red.  It also involves a small piece from my very first Howloween costume.  I can't wait to show you!

Do you have Howloween plans?  Have you decided what you are going to be?  I'm excited to see everyone all dressed up!

Bye for now,
Poppy the LBC