Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy HOWLoween!!!

Happy Howloween everyone! I am so excited to wear my costume that I'm starting my celebrations a day early this year. And now, without further ado, I present my alter ego...


Here I am in my SuperGirl pose (note lifted paw):

And, yes, I even know how to fly. Up, up, and away!

Mommy is very proud because she made this costume all by herself. She wants me to make sure you see all the details, so here is a closeup:
Aren't the stars on my belt cool?!

Clover dressed up too this year. Remember the other day I said I hope I didn't want to EAT her? Well, she dressed up as a pumpkin! I love pumpkin! It's one of my favorite treats! Here she is:

Don't worry--I know I can't really eat my sister. I thought she was pretty cute though. She didn't even mind being dressed up or having things taped to her back. She had just woken up, and all Mommy had to do was give her lots of chin scritches to keep her happy. I was upset that Clover was getting a lot of attention though. I wanted to know what was going on up on the top of the cabinet:

I am hoping to get lots compliments on my Sooper Pooper costume when I am out on the town tomorrow. Oh, and remember to vote in Ike's dog costume contest and Skeezix's cat costume contest. We both entered!

Bye for now!
Sooper Pooper

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Three More Days!!!

Hi everyone! I have away from my blog for a while because Mommy has been super busy this week. But I think things are starting to calm down now. And my Mommy is so great that even though she was busy, she still found time to sew my Howloween costume. It is done! And just in time for Ike's Costume Contest. Whew!

Here is a teaser picture just to get you in the mood for Howloween on Wednesday:

I am super excited to wear my costume on Wednesday. This is my Costume A. My Costume B came from a store so it is all ready. I hope I can have a photo shoot with my cousin Sivan for that one, because she is dressing up as the same thing!

My sissy Clover is dressing up too. Her costume is not as involved as mine is, but I think it will be very cute. Here is a hint: Once she is dressed up I hope I don't want to EAT HER!

Speaking of Clover, here is what she has been doing a lot of lately (although not so much in the last week because it has been in the 70s all week!):

Do you see how she has strategically placed herself on the fuzzy carpet right in front of the heater? Now myself, I'm a little afraid of the heater. It makes scary growling and blowing noises at random unpredictable intervals. I don't like to walk by it when it's growling. The funny thing is, that's the exact time when Clover likes it the best!

Only three more days until Howloween!!!!!
See you then!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Camping and Beaching and Pumpkins, Oh My!

Over the weekend we went camping for Mommy's birthday. We went to a state park named after the redwoods, except there were no redwoods in sight when we got there! How can they put "redwoods" in the title if there aren't any? Oh well. We still had fun!

There were no redwoods at our campsite, but at least we had a good view!

Mommy finally figured out how to be warm at night when we camp. She sleeps in two sleeping bags. Yes, TWO! And that meant that I was extra warm too. I was so cozy that Mommy even took off my fleece jacket halfway through the night. But when we got out of the tent the next morning...oh boy was it cold! While Daddy cooked breakfast, I sat on Mommy's lap wrapped up in my fleece sweater, my fleece-lined rain coat, and Mommy's gray fleece.

I am always reluctant to eat when I'm away from home, so Mommy and Daddy make me special camping foods. This time it was crunchy brown foods, oatmeal, and one chewy Wellness treat, all mixed together with hot water. Oh, it was pretty delicious.

(Although Mommy did have to spoon feed me the last few bites. Shh, don't tell!)

After we packed up camp we had lunch at our favorite beach! Isn't this sandstone cool?

We don't have too many pictures of the beach from this day because it was so cold that we only stayed a little while.

Next was the best part. We went pumpkin hunting!

This was really fun because you all know how much I love pumpkin, right? I ran all around and sniffed all the pumpkins and dug in the mud with my claws. (When we got home Mommy had to give me a foot bath!) I even got to go on a hayride!

Does this count as a hayride? Well, anyway, it was fun!

Mommy said this birthday kicked last-year-birthday's @$$. She even said it was her best birthday ever! I think so too!

Bye for now!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Peanut Butter Dog

The other day Mommy thought it would be fun to give me some peanut butter as a treat. She had just made me a treat-stuffed kong with a frozen peanut butter plug, but it wasn't frozen yet, so she thought it would only be fair to give me a treat in the meantime.

I am an expert at eating peanut butter, as I have done it many times before. If you need any tips, please feel free to watch this instructional video:

As you can see, it helps to move your head slowly side to side, like I did in the video. Mommy seemed to think this was very funny. I'm not sure why, since clearly it worked.

Bye for now!
Poppy the Little Blonde Chihuahua

Pee Ess:
Only 19 more days until Howloween when I reveal my costume A and my costume B!
Also, I get to go camping this weekend for Mommy's birthday. Wee Hee!

Pee Pee Ess:
And I'm a little sad because Wally's Mom's Huskies beat my Cardinal tonight in volleyball.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Wubba Snugga!

Yesterday was my Grandma's birthday, so we went over to Grandma and Grandpa's house for dinner last night. I got to wear my party collar, and then later I wore my party coat when it got cold. Here I am in my party collar that my Mommy made for me:

To keep me occupied while everyone was cooking, Mommy and Daddy brought a new toy for me. It's called a Kong Wubba Snugga and I LOVE IT!!! Watch out Wubba, I'm gonna get you:

It is just the greatest toy ever! It has fuzziness like a stuffie, and it has tentacles like a tug toy, and it has roundness like a ball. I am in Wubba heaven!

And at the store yesterday they also got me some new treats that are made in the US, which makes Mommy feel a little better about food safety concerns. They are so yummy!

Bye for now!
Poppy the wubba lover

very important Pee Ess:

Okay, now for the interview questions that I promised Dobby and ChaChi.

1) How do you feel about this test your parents passed? What do you think their prize will be?
2) You and Scarlett look pretty cozy in some of your pictures. What is it like having a sister? Would you recommend it to a friend?
3) How would you describe the perfect day? What would you do?
4) What is the weather like where you live? Do you have to wear jackets and stuff? Are you pro- or anti-jacket?
5) This one is for Scarlett: How did you learn how to climb over your ex-pen? Are you part monkey?

1) I notice that you have two human small people in your house. How do you accomplish stealing so much attention from them? What is your best technique?
2) I have heard that Minny-Soty is a very cold place? How do you survive there during the winter? Do you have snowsuits?
3) What is the best vacation you have ever been on? Where did you go? What did you do?
4) You are a very smart doggy to have learned how to go potty in a box. What is your favorite kind of litterbox and litter? What are the advantages of being able to poo in a box?
5) This one is for Jet: What is it like having an older sister? Does she boss you around?

Have fun!

Friday, October 5, 2007

My First Interview

Hi Everyone!

Tadpole said he would interview me! This is a fun game...er, I mean, a very serious journalistic exercise. He asked me FIVE questions, plus a bonus question! I will do my best to answer them properly. Here goes:

INTRO question) Do you think I'm cute? If yes, please explain. If no, please pretend I didn't ask that. Okay, that was just a practice one, but I still want you to answer it but only if your answer is YES.

Oh, Tadpole, I think you are definitely in the Cutie-Poo club. As the founding (and currently the only) member, I can say this with certainty. Here is why I think you are Cutie-Poo, in no particular order. First, your freckles. As I've said before, they are very well-placed. And they are also brown, which is one of my favorite colors. Second, your lips. They are so soft-looking! My Mommy especially loves them because--don't tell anyone--she has a thing for dog lips. She thinks they're neat. Third, your ears. You wear them at such a jaunty angle! Mine only go up, so I am intrigued by dogs who can wear them down or flapped back inside out. Fourth, the way you sometimes sit with one paw up in the air. That's just like me! And finally, the way you look in fashions. You always look so nice when you dress up.

1) Please tell us why, in your opinion, the CUBS are better than the San Francisco Giants. And are you bitterly disappointed that they are not in the play-offs and the CUBS are?

Hmm. This is a hard one. Is a Cub like a little bear? If so, I have never met one. But then again, I have never met a Giant either. I have been to two baseball games that were supposedly played by "Giants," but I never saw a giant either time. What a rip off. So maybe a Cub is a kind of bear who plays baseball. Cool! I would pay to see that! And as for these "playoff" things, I have to tell you the truth. I only like baseball because of the outfits I get to wear.

2) What's it like going to the beach? Do you ever go in the water?! Do you get to ride your bike there?

The beach is the absolute best! I can't explain why, but as soon as my feet touch sand, I have to RUN!!! Running in sand is so much fun! If you don't have a beach near you, you can recreate this effect at a playground. Try it! As for going in the water, I did it once sort of accidentally. I was caught up in the moment, and before I knew it, my feet were wet up to my ankles! Brrr! As anyone who has ever been to the beach in northern California knows, you DO NOT go in the water without a wetsuit.

Here is a picture of how I got wet at the beach: I wasn't paying attention!
We cannot ride our bikes to the beach because it's too far, but occasionally we will ride them at the beach. The time we did that it was very windy and cold. Luckily, I am a skilled bike-rider, and I was able to steer the bike even though I was very very cold. I had to wear my sweater, see:

3) If you were forced to get rid of ALL your toys except one, due to some catastrophic event in the lives of all doggins world wide, which toy would you keep?

Oh, you sure do know how to ask the tough questions, Tad. I can narrow it down to two choices, but how will I ever pick between my beloved purple loofah dog and my soft bite floppy disc (aka, frisbee)?! My frisbee is good for flinging, but my loofah dog is good for both flinging and squeaking. I think I have to choose loofah.

4) What do you do to entertain youself when your mom and dad aren't home?

Oh, that's easy. I don't even have to tell you. A picture is worth a thousand words.
Mommy and Daddy's favorite game when they get home is to run around the house and feel for the warm spot that gives away where I was sleeping. More often than not, it's on the bed.

5) What one thing would you change to make the world more dog-friendly? (I know that's pretty open-ended, but interpret it any way you want and go for it!)

Mommy can think of lots and lots and lots of ways to make the world more animal- and people-friendly. But if we're just talking about dogs, that's easy. I would make a law that dogs have to be given the same respect and privileges as children. That would mean dogs could go in a restaurant, they could go on an airplane and sit in their Mommy's lap, they could go in any store, they couldn't be left outside on a chain all day, parents who hit their dogs would go to jail, dog food would be made to the same standards that children's food is (ie, not poisoned with melamine), etc. You get the idea. Here's a picture of me eating at an outside restaurant. I'm not dirty, I'm not mean. Why can't I come inside?

Gee, that was fun! Thanks, Tad!
If you want to play too, here's how:

If YOU'D like to be interviewed, let me know! Here are the rules:
1. If you are interested in being interviewed, leave me a comment saying, 'interview me.'
2. I will respond by posting five questions for you. I get to pick the questions.*
3. You will update your blog with a post containing your answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

*Maybe we should put the questions in the interviewee's comments section. Would that work?

Pee Ess-- Look! I invented something! It's an official 100% Cutie-Poo badge!!! I hereby give this badge to Tadpole, with the understanding that he may pass it on to other Cutie-Poo doggies, if he so chooses. (I hope he does--the more, the merrier!)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

chicken jerky recall???

Mommy read this morning about a chicken dog-jerky recall. Now she is freaking out because the new special treats I told you all about are CHICKEN JERKY MADE IN CHINA!!! Does anyone know anything else about this? A little chihuahua died after eating three chicken jerky strips from WalMart. Here's the link:


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Mommy Was Hoping It Would Fit...

...but it didn't.
This is the sweater my Mommy wore when she was a baby. And then my Aunt Meg wore it when she was a baby too. And then Mommy's first dog Muffin wore it whenever it was chilly outside. She was a Tibetan terrier/fox terrier mix. I've been told she was very cute. As cute as me...I'm not sure.

Anyhowl, Mommy really wanted the sweater to fit me too. She was going to be so happy if it did. But it didn't. Muffin was about 15 pounds, and I'm only 9 1/4, so it was way too big. Too bad for Mommy. But, to tell you the truth, I prefer all my other sweaters more. This one was so baggy in the tummy area that it was hard to walk.

Ah, yes, much better!

In other news: Howloween update! Mommy has a neat costume planned for me. And my friends bought me a very ferocious green costume at the store. So now I have costume A and costume B!!!

Bye for now!