Sunday, October 28, 2007

Three More Days!!!

Hi everyone! I have away from my blog for a while because Mommy has been super busy this week. But I think things are starting to calm down now. And my Mommy is so great that even though she was busy, she still found time to sew my Howloween costume. It is done! And just in time for Ike's Costume Contest. Whew!

Here is a teaser picture just to get you in the mood for Howloween on Wednesday:

I am super excited to wear my costume on Wednesday. This is my Costume A. My Costume B came from a store so it is all ready. I hope I can have a photo shoot with my cousin Sivan for that one, because she is dressing up as the same thing!

My sissy Clover is dressing up too. Her costume is not as involved as mine is, but I think it will be very cute. Here is a hint: Once she is dressed up I hope I don't want to EAT HER!

Speaking of Clover, here is what she has been doing a lot of lately (although not so much in the last week because it has been in the 70s all week!):

Do you see how she has strategically placed herself on the fuzzy carpet right in front of the heater? Now myself, I'm a little afraid of the heater. It makes scary growling and blowing noises at random unpredictable intervals. I don't like to walk by it when it's growling. The funny thing is, that's the exact time when Clover likes it the best!

Only three more days until Howloween!!!!!
See you then!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Poppy
I think I have a little idea about your costume!
Sure I can't wait to see your pictures wearing both costumes!
Here is getting colder and I am afraid the sweaters are coming out of the closet!
Have a good night

2shibas said...

Super Pooper - that is the coolest costume EVER. We can't wait to see you wearing it!

Your sissy's costume has piqued our she dressing up as a piece of cheese? Or a jar of peanut butter? What is it?

Waiting and salivating,
Wiley & Fievel

Ferndoggle said...

Wahahahahaha!! Super Pooper...too funny! Sounds like Sherman.

I have to wear a sweater in the winter 'cuz my furs a little too.


Daisy said...

Poppy, I'll bet you will look fantastic in your costume! I can't wait to see it (them).

Clover is smart to sleep right in front of the heater. That's where I would be, too. Except it is still warm where i live.

ChaChi Lu said...


Clover is so adorable. I love how she snuggles in front of the heater. She would LOVE Minnesota and the warm glow of a good fire. That picture is so COZY!

~Chihuahua licks and kisses,

ChaChi Lu and JET

Deefor said...

Hi Poppy
I thought my annoying brother Arrow was the Super Pooper! What a great costume!