Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Whole Enchihuahua

Today has been a good day! First, Mommy bought me a new carseat for her car. She says it's really annoying to have to move the carseat back and forth between cars. Today was the final straw because Mommy was in a bad mood and wanted to take me out with her to get a soda, but the carseat was at work with Daddy in his car! So, she strapped me into the backseat with another little strap we have and we went out and bought a second carseat!

Then when we got home we had a fall/halloween photo shoot. I wore my cozy orange fall sweater and I posed nicely in front of the pumpkins on our front porch.

In the second picture you can see my chihuahua welcome sign too!

After that, I put on my BRAND NEW HOME MADE HOWLOWEEN COSTUME!!! This year I am dressing as an enchihuahua. That's enchilada + chihuahua...get it??!! Ha ha ha!!!

Mommy made a label for the front of my costume that says:
100% Delicious Enchihuahua
All Natural Ingredients:
tortilla, beans, lettuce, red sauce, & love
Love is the most important ingredient, of course.

Happy Howloween!
Poppy the Enchihuahua

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Message From Dr. Poppy

Hi Furiends,

I am a little bit worried that some people out there may be seriously deficient when it comes to their recommended daily intake of vitamin C (that is vitamin CUTE). I am sure that none of these vitamin cute-deficient people are your parents; nor are they mine. I supply so much cute that sometimes they actually suffer from another condition called hyper-cutonic affective disorder (H-CAD), or "cute overload" in layman's terms.

Anyway, back to the point at hand. There are plenty of pet-less people out there who are vitamin-cute deficient! Today, I will try to make this all better by providing several samples of vitamin cute.

Sample A: "Excuse me, are you going to finish that?"

Sample B: "My toothbrush has a flavor!"

Sample C: "Mommy always appreciates my helping."

Sample D: "Butt up; so comfy!"

Furiends, if you know someone who suffers from vitamin cute deficiency, please do your best to give them some cute so they feel all better inside.

Bye for now,
Dr. Poppy, LBC