Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Three Very Important Topics

Oh, I have so much to talk about today! First, I have to tell you all about my weekend. We went to Lake Tahoe! We drove a super-long way, and I was very good in my carseat the whole time.

We took lots of pee break stops and I got to leave pee mail everywhere along the way. When we got there we took a short walk in the forest and I had to pee some more to claim the area as my own.

The next day we went on a never-ending-hike to Lake Margaret. I walked almost the whole way there all by myself! I only had to be carried over the really rocky parts. Everyone who saw me commented on how cute I was and how I was the littlest dog they had ever seen on the trail. Here I am jumping over a big log and showing how athletic I am:

When we got to the lake I was very tired, so I took a little nap in Daddy’s lap. On the hike back to the car I was pretty beat, so Mommy carried me part of the way in my special backpack. When we crossed this fallen tree bridge I took the opportunity to look closely at the water for any fish that might be hiding in there (you should embiggen this one for full cuteness effect) :

On the way back we stopped at a little stream and we all dipped our feet in to cool off—even me, and I hate water! This is a shadow picture of all of us at the little stream:

All in all, the hike was five miles, round-trip. And I walked most of the way all by myself! I told you I was a trail dog!

When we got home from our long weekend, I was catching up with my doggy friends’ blogs, and I saw that Dobby gave me an award! Because he loves my blog! Gee, that is super cool! Here is my special award from my special chihuahua pal:

I believe I am meant to pass this award along to other worthy bloggy doggies. Eek, however will I choose?! I think I will pick Tadpole, because he is super cute, has very well-placed freckles, and he always makes me smile. Hooray Tad!

And then on Lorenza’s blog, I saw that she tagged me to tell about my first day with my parents. It was about two years ago, in June of 2005, but I still remember it because it was such a relief to get there. Listen, I’ll tell you all about it:

I started my life somewhere in northern California. I was found as a poor little stray puppy and turned in to a shelter in San Jose. It turned out that not only was I lost, but I had a broken pelvis too! They called me “Bella” (but I knew that wasn't my real name) and took some x-ray pictures of my pelvis. You could see all the little bones in my tail—neat! But what wasn’t so neat was that my pelvis was pretty much shattered. Nobody came to adopt me or claim me, and soon I was transferred to another shelter in Santa Clara. Again, nobody adopted me, so I was transferred again to the Santa Cruz SPCA. That’s where my Mommy found me! She was the shelter’s education director at the time, and she fell in love with me right away! She called Daddy and said, “Um, how would you feel about fostering a puppy with a broken pelvis for just one night?” Daddy responded, “Are you crazy?! You want to bring home a puppy and then take her back the next day?!” But no, Mommy was just trying to be sly. She always knew she wanted to keep me—she was just trying to easy Daddy into the idea. It turned out he didn’t need any convincing.

That night when we got home I was curled up into a ball on the floor in between Mommy and Daddy, and Daddy said, “I never knew I could love a chihuahua so much.” They knew they wanted to keep me. And that, pretty much, was that. I was so happy to be out of a cage and into a lap. They were going camping that weekend (plans made before me, and not an appropriate outing for a pre-shots puppy with a broken pelvis), so I had to spend the next night with one of Mommy’s very nice co-workers. But Mommy and Daddy missed me so much that they cut their camping trip short and came to pick me up early! While they were hiking on their short-lived camping trip, they came up with the name Poppy. It’s the state flower of California, you know! And one of my Mommy’s favorites!

This is one of their favorite early pictures of me. They said I looked just like a baby deer:

I spent the next couple of months being carried around while my pelvis was healing. Crate rest shmate rest, I say. Being held all the time is the way to go! Here I am, so happy to be in my forever home with my forever family:

And here is a picture of me with my sissy Clover from that first summer. I am waiting patiently for her to finish her wet treats so that I can clean off her plate. I have always been very helpful:

Here is one last picture of me from two summers later (ie, this summer!) so you can see how big I have gotten:

What? You don’t think I have gotten any bigger? Well...I have! I was only four pounds and one ounce when I came to the shelter. Now I am nine and a quarter whole pounds!

I hope everydog had a very nice howliday weekend. I sure did!

Bye for now,


2shibas said...

Oh, Poppy. That is such a sweet story. We think you looked like a little deer, too!

Our mom thinks that your mom needs to frame that picture of your family's shadows. She said it's just perfect!

Rock on with your trail-blazing self,
Wiley & Fievel

ChaChi Lu said...

That is such a beautiful story. I am sure that a stay for "one night" would be enough for ANYONE to fall in love with you. Poppy, you are a special little puppy and your Momma and Daddy are so lucky to have you!

Oh, and you ARE a very strong trail dog to walk to far. I much prefer to sit until someone sees that I am NOT going to break a sweat exercising. (I learned that from Babs).....

~ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne

coco said...

ohmydog poppy you are so adorable and irresistable! you do look like a baby doe in that one picture - so delicate and graceful. but then you've got this tough side where you can go adventuring in the woods and trails and can be so atheltic and outdoorsy! you are the perfect blend of a sophisticated, yet not-too-prissy babe.

poochie smoochies, coco

Daisy said...

Poppy, that sounds like a very fun adventure at the lake you had. I like your special backpack. But you were very strong to walk so far by yourself! I also love that photo of the shadows and the water.

Ferndoggle said...

What a bittersweet story Poppy. We're glad you found such a great family.

Your hike looks like it was SO MUCH FUN!! Mom promised we can hike when it cools down. It's still 90 dgrees here.


Poppy Q said...

Poppy that looks like an awesome walk. I likes the picture of you and your folks shadow.

They sound like an awesome forever family. You are lucky to have found such love.

Poppy Q (the cat)

Lorenza said...

Hi, Poppy.
Glad you had a great weekend!
Thanks for sharing your story. I am so happy that you found your forever home with your lovely family!
Have a good night

wally said...

That's a great rescue story! I can't even imagine how much a broken pelvis must have hurt! But well done rescuing your peeps, sounds like you've got some good ones.


ps. my ma ape went to a "W" gradual school. U-Dub! I make fun of her for it. Save the W!

Ruby Bleu said...

Hi Poppy...
That is a pretty sweet ride sitting on your Momma's back! Oh and I loved the shadow picture. Very artsy!!

I liked hearing about your story...you are one really lucky pup...actually it's your pawrents who are really the lucky ones!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Randi said...

Awww, Poppy! Such a sweet story for such a sweet puppy! I'm glad you are safe & sound with your peoples....& I'm glad you had a fun car trip!
Love & Licks,

Dobby said...

Wow Poppy! You have a lot going on! I love that shadow picture of you and your MomDad! And you look so cute in your carseat and backpack. Dad tried to put me in a backpack when I was little and I hated it. It's scary in there.
And it's so nice to hear about your first time with your family. They sound very nice.

Starbuck and Torrey said...

Beautiful story!!

Tadpole said...

Awww, thanks for the award Poppy-Drop! :-) I'm honored!

And you are one strong woman! I would never have made it that far in the woods!

You are just the most cutest little thing ever... you're a graceful little doe.