Friday, June 6, 2008

International Stuffie Day

Hi Everybody!

I missed International Stuffie Day and I'm sad. But it's okay because it's never too late to celebrate, right? In honor of the (belated) occasion, I gathered all my stuffies around my spot in the living room for a photo shoot.

I thought I had a lot of stuffies, but as you can see, I actually do NOT! I am going to ask if we can go shopping for some more soon. I have had my eye on a giant Loofah Dog just like the one I have, but bigger. Maybe I will convince Mommy to buy it soon. In the picture clockwise starting with me are Ducky, Loofah Dog, Ball, Alligator Puppet, Frisbee, Wubba, Organic Caterpillar, Knit Bear, and Intellibone (which I have disabled using one of my famous wrestling holds). I'm not really all that creative with naming my stuffies, I guess. Mommy was the same way when she was my age. She had a raccoon named Raccy and a walrus named Walrus, to name a few. Maybe it's genetic.

During the photo shoot I got a little distracted and started to play with my knit bear. Oh, how I love Knit Bear! I am only allowed to play with him with supervision though. We don't want to have a hurty toe incident like Tad had a while back.

In other news, I am going camping this weekend! It will be my first camping trip since my back injury. I am sooooo excited!!! I promise to take tons of pictures and post them next week after we get back.

Bye for now!
Poppy the LBC

Pee Ess: Has everyone met black Dobby yet (as opposed to brown Dobby)? He's super cute and he has mad fashion sense! He has sweaters and pyjamas and everything!


Daisy said...

Wow, Poppy! It's great to see you running around and playing just like normal. I am so amazed at how well you recovered. You have some very cute stuffies. Except, I am a little scairt of the alligator.

Pedro said...


My mom checked out Monorail cat and posted in on my blog. You look like you're doing GREAT with your back. Very strong! I got my first loofah dog but it's really little. I also got a bunch of toys from the International Swap and I'll post those pictures on Monday. Have fun camping!!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Poppy!
The important thing is not how many toys you have but how much you enjoy the ones you have!
Enjoy your camping trip!
Kisses and hugs

Mack said...

And I noticed not a one of those toys has been de-stuffed! You are a great little girl!

That video was wonderful! You are running like a champ Poppy!

Rambo said...

Midget Molly says that Alligator stuffie is kind of scary looking with its big eyes. She says "woof woof" and ran away. She only likes pink girly toys. But I am a tuff boy chi and I like it.
Have fun camping.
Rambo & MM

Petra said...

Yes, it looks like you need more stuffies, Poppy. You can never have too many!

I hope you had a great time camping this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Poppy! I am Peanut. Camping is so much fun. I have only gone once, but I hope to go again at lease one time this summer. Stuffies rule! I don't have very many because I like to eat their guts!!

Unknown said...

hi poppy i love your blogs! WOW!, your a you look like you dont like sharing your toys that much lol byby have a good year!