Friday, October 24, 2008

7 x 7 Tagsies!

I (along with everyone else who read his post) have been tagged by Tadpole to play the 7x7 game. I have been hoping someone would tag me, so thanks, Tadpole! Here we go:

Seven Things I Plan to do Before I Die:
1) Sleep all snuggled up next to my sissy Clover, like this. (It is possible that this is Mommy's plan.)
2) Go on a road trip to Mexico, to see where My People come from.
3) Stop animal overpopulation.
4) Learn to fly so I can go fast without hurting my back.
5) Go backpacking with Mommy and Daddy
6) Be allowed to go into restaurants and stores and movies and stuff.
7) Spread the message of animal car safety. Buckle-up your buddy!

Seven Things I Do Now:
1) Poop in the house.
2) Sleep in the bed in between Mommy and Daddy.
3) Sleep in late with Daddy.
4) Force my parents to eat every meal on the floor so I can be a part of the action.
5) Shred any paper that is left on the floor.
6) Growl if you bother my while I'm sleeping.
7) Snuggle, snuggle, snuggle.

Seven Things I Can't Do:
1) Run fast off-leash.
2) Eat cat poop in the yard.
3) Chase my sister.
4) Jump on and off the bed and couch.
5) Eat a lot of cheese.
6) Eat meat every day (my parents are veg)
7) Open doors by myself.

Seven Things That Attract Me to Friends:
NOTE: I am Not Allowed to be attracted to the opposite sex.
1) a sense of humor
2) cuteness (Is there a dog who doesn't fall into this category? I think not.)
3) good fashion sense
4) brown freckles!
5) showing absolutely no interest in me whatsoever (In Real Life)
6) being small (IRL)
7) being a chihuahua (IRL)

Seven Things I Say Most Often:
1) Are we going out?
2) I want to sit on your lap.
3) Can I have some?
4) Move over. I need more space.
5) I'm so cute!
6) I pooped on the carpet. Can I have a treat?
7) Let's play!

Seven Celebrities I Admire:
1) Mommy
2) Daddy
3) Grandma
4) Grandpa
5) Next-Door Grandma
6) Uncle Ben
7) Uncle DJ
What do you mean, "those are not celebrities"?! What can I say. My world is small.

Seven Animals Who Get to Do This Now:
1) You
2) You Guys
3) You over there
4) You in the back
5) Yeah, you
6) Hey you
7) You too

Have Fun!
Bye for now,
Poppy the LBC


Lacy said...

w00f's Poppy, very good answers to the 7 x 7...pawsome job...

b safe,

Tadpole said...

Good answers Poppy!

And OMD I have brown freckles!!! But I would absolutely show interest in you.... *sigh*

What do your parents say when you ask for treats after pooping on the carpet? Do they say "here you go - good job"?! If they do, then life's not fair because I NEVER get treats for doing that trick....

Daisy said...

Good answers, Poppy! I hope you get to do all seven of the things on the first list.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Poppy!
Good job with your 7 x 7!
Like you, I am not allowed to have boyfriends!
If someday you come to Mexico I can give you a tour!
Kisses and hugs

Lindsay said...

Great answers! Especially the ones for what you want to do, on the first list.

If your Mom and Dad are veg, do you have to eat veg too? (Just wondering!) I love veg-ables!

Brown dog kisses,