Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's My 4th Birthday!!!

I started out my special day by sleeping in. It was awesome!

After that, I had a birthday bath. That was less awesome, but it's always good to look nice and clean for your birthday, right? Besides, Daddy fed me treats during the ordeal, and then afterwords Mommy gave me a peanut butter kong! Look how much fun I'm having:

Next we went for a walk to the park. We saw lots of pretty flowers, including my Mommy's favorite: poppies! She tried to take a picture of me with them, but I was not really into posing for her.

What a nice birthday it has been!

Bye for now,
Poppy the 4-YEAR-OLD Little Blonde Chihuahua


Lacy said...

w00f's hopes u had a wonderful barkday Poppy...and that u has many many more...

b safe,

Lorenza said...

Hi, Poppy!
Happy Birthday!
Sure you had a pawesome day!
(bath included!)
Kisses and hugs

Coco Bean - The Princess said...

Happy Birthday Poppy!

Tail Wiggle s& Puppy Kisses,

Coco - The Princess

Bob Disporto said...

Happy Birthday Poppy! From your friends at Chihuahua Information Online

Sarcasta-Mom said...

Happy 4th Birthday!

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Oh my goodness! We missed your barkday!!! Happy belated Barkday!!!!

Tadpole said...

Oh my goodness - POPPY! Happy birthday!!! You were having SO MUCH FUN with your peanut butter Kong! :-)

Anonymous said...

Poppy, Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!

We are so happy that you had such a great day!

Again, Happy Birthday. Love you, Tessa

Shmoo said...

I'm sorry I'm late, but Happy Birthday to you and many, many more!


Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Poppy!! I hope it was a good one :)

S and D

Pedro said...


I haven't been able to visit my friends in a couple of days because my mom has been busy so I missed your birthday! It looks like you had a great day - lets just forget the soapy water torture! Watching you play with your kong I'm struck by how far you've come since your operation. You really have made a wonderful recovery and it's so nice to see you happy and jumping around like a 4 year old puppy! I wish you many, many more wonderful birthdays!

Your friend,

Bijou said...


So very sorry I missed your birthday! Happy Belated Birthday!!

Those flowers are very pretty and mom was wondering if you were named after them.

I hope you had a terrific day! Kongs with pb are the best!!

Wags & wiggles,

Bijou said...

Oops, I forgot to tell ya... come visit my blog please. You've been tagged.


Hector and Lola said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! Hope you had a pawsome day! -Hec and Lola

Totally Timmy said...

Happy B-Day!!

Rambo said...

Happy Barkday to you!
Happy Barkday to you!
Happy Barkday Dear Poppy!
Happy Barkday to you!
and many more!!!!!
Rambo and Midget

Petra said...

Happy belated birthday, 4-year-old Poppy!

Tigersan said...

A birthday bath... oh me better not let others know about that one... unless it is only once a year bath time ;)

Happy B-DAY!

Lindy said...

Wow. It seems like you had a real fun birthday. I am glad you got to do so may good activities... except the bath. Congratulations on your great day.