Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy HOWLoween!--10/31/06

I love Howloween! It is my new favorite holiday (after Christmas and my birthday, of course, because of all the presents). I finally got to fulfill my destiny as a beedog, and I think I did a pretty good job of it. The tasks are as follows:

1) You have to be a dog.
2) You have to dress as a bee.

It was kind of hard, and I'm glad I had my parents to help me, especially with the photoshoot. I don't think I could have carried all those pumpkins by myself.

And speaking of pumpkins, don't you just LOVE to eat pumpkin? Part of what makes Howloween my new favorite holiday is the time-honored tradition in which your parents carve up a big orange squash for you to eat. They even carve creative little holes in the sides of the squash so that you can more easily stick your tongue inside to get a taste. Oh, hooray, it is my absolute favorite!

Happy Howloween!
Poppy Dog

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