Thursday, July 5, 2007

Loofah Dog--5/24/07

You know that commercial from That Store We Don't Shop At... the one that features a dachshund and his loofah dog BoBo... the one that makes every DogMom cry? Well, ever since seeing that commerical, my Mom has wanted to get me a loofah dog. However, as I mentioned earlier, we don't shop at That Store because they sell animals. She has diligently looked at all the good pet stores for a loofah dog, but couldn't find one...until a few days ago! Daddy was getting stinky black liquid from Peet's, so Mommy wandered into Pet Food Express, where we sometimes shop. Lo and behold, they had a HUGE display of loofah dogs right inside the front door with a big sign that said, "Buy three, get one free!" Mommy was so excited (but not so excited that she actually bought four--you know that's what you were thinking) that she bought me a purple one right away.

When they brought my loofah home for me to play with, I attacked it right away. Almost immediately my loofah became gravely injured, but luckily Mommy was able to suture the wound with pink thread. The picture is of me sharing some l0ve with my loofah and deciding which part to rip off next (the tail, in case you were wondering).

Yesterday Mommy saw the NEW loofah dog commercial for That Store We Don't Shop At. Why does that store like to make DogMoms cry?

Bye for now,
Poppy Dog


Minou said...

We have one of those - our auntie bought it for us. It doesn't squeak though - broken before she even gave it to us.
Haven't seen the commercial wish we knew what we were missing.

wally said...

My ma ape LOVES those ads but, alas, my loofah dog has not stood the test of time. They seem to tear easily!


Poppy said...

Yes, they do tear easily, don't they?

If you haven't seen the commercials you can watch them on YouTube. Just search for "loofah dog." That should work.