Thursday, July 5, 2007

Sometimes Little Dogs Get Chilly--11/27/06

Here is a picture of me modeling my brand new red sweater with snowflakes. It came with a hat, too, but my ears are too big to fit through the holes. Darn. Mommy was lucky to find a sweater that fits me so well, because I am usually very hard to fit. It's because I'm built like a supermodel: very long, huge chest, tiny waist.

If you are a sheepdog, maybe you don't need a sweater. But if you are a chihuahua/rat terrier-ish, like me, you probably do. I have five jackets and five dress-up outfits. Is that too many? Daddy says it is, but Mommy disagrees. You see, (says she), I have a rain coat for light warm rain, a fleece-lined waterproof parka for cold rain or very chilly days, a fuzzy fleece for cool-ish days, a corderoy jacket for breezy days, and a red sweater for hanging around the house when it's cold inside. I also have a Giants jersey, a pumpkin costume, a bee suit, a Fourth of July outfit, and a t-shirt that says "I AM the grandchild" (although that last one was a gift).

Some would say that this is enough of a wardrobe for a little Poo like me, but just today I caught Mommy looking at doggy snowsuits online. It may seem silly now, but the next time we go camping and I'm wearing my fleece AND my parka and I'm still shivering, I'll sure wish I had that snowsuit!

Bye for now!
Poppy Dog

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