Thursday, July 5, 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone!--12/29/06

Hooray for Christmas! I got so many fun presents! I got a funny rock with squeaky feet, a caterpillar made with organic cotton, some chewy peanut putter treats, a new pretty blue harness, and a fancy red party coat! I unwrapped most of my presents all by myself, plus I helped with other people's too. I'm so helpful!

This is a picture of me on Christmas Eve after I found one of my presents under the tree. I was supposed to wait until Christmas to play with it, but I just couldn't! You can also tell that I am wearing my fancy new party coat and my new blue Puppia harness. Even though Mommy said she wasn't going to buy me any more coats, she just couldn't help herself. She was in Five Paw Bakery getting my new harness, and she saw this adorable coat that is made in the US! That is very hard to find, apparently. And since we don't like to support sweatshops, it is better to buy things made in the US, where there is much less chance of that.

My sister, Clover, got presents too. She got a carrot filled with organic catnip. She punctured four tooth-shaped holes in it right away. She likes catnip. And so do I. Is that normal?

Merry Christmas!
Poppy Dog

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